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Us fotaires que non fo amorós
de neguna, mais que foter volria,
està totjorn areis e voluntós
de fotre celes que fotre poria;
tal volontat a de fotre tot dia
Qu'En Esfotanz se clama.  
Fotaire las dolens chaitiu,  
e ditz que mal mòr e peiz viu  
qui no fot la qui ama.

Lo fotaire es tant de fotre angoissós:
com plus fòrt fot, mòr fotant de felnia
que plus non fot, qu'el fotria per dos
de fotedors melhor de Lombardia,
qu'en fotant ditz: "Garitz som, se fotria!"
En Esfotanz se clama,  
Fotaire las dolens, chaitiu,  
e ditz qui non fot que mal viu  
nòit e jorn la que ama.

A fucker who doesn't love
any woman, but who wishes to fuck,
is always horny and eager
to fuck those whom he could fuck;
he is so eager to fuck, all the time,
  That he calls himself Sir Fucking,
  fucker, alas! sad and afflicted,
  and says that he dies badly and lives worse
  who doesn't fuck what he loves.

The fucker is in such throes to fuck
that the more he fucks, the more, fucking, he dies of longing
of fucking more, for he would fuck like two
of the best fuckers in Northern Italy,
for he says, while fucking: "I'd be healed, if I fucked!"
  One calls him Sir Fucking,
  fucker, alas! sad and afflicted,
  and says that he lives badly who doesn't fuck,
  night and day, what he loves.

Note: In most critical editions, the feminine "la" in lines 9 and 18 is replaced by "le", which is ambiguous and opens the possibility that Tribolet would have fucked men, or pluralities of women; our translation reflects this, rather than Pierre Bec's basically censored text.