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Peire Rotgier, a trassaillir
M'er per vos los digz e·ls covens
Qu'eu aic ab midonz, totz dolens,
De chantar, q'ie·m cuidiei soffrir;
E pois sai etz a mi vengutz
Cantarai, si n'ai estat mutz,
Que non vuoill remaner confès.

Mout vos dei lauzar e grazir
Car anc vos venc cors ni talens
De saber mos chaptenemens;
E vuoill qe·n sapchatz alqes dir.
E ja l'avers no·m si'escutz,
S'ieu sui avols ni recresutz,
Que pel ver non passetz adès.

Car qui per aver vol mentir,
Aquel lauzars es blasmamens
E tortz e mals enseignamens,
E fai·n als autres escarnir.
Q'en dich non es bos pretz saubutz
Mas el faich es puois conogutz,
E pels faitz veno·il dich après.

Per me voletz mon nom auzir.
Cals son -- o drutz . . . Er clau las dens!
C'ades poja mos pessamens
On plus de prïon m'o conssir!
Ben vuoill sapchatz que non sui drutz
Tot per so c'ar non sui volgutz;
Mas ben am, sol midonz m'amès!

Peire Rotgier, cum puosc sofrir
Qez eu am aissi solamens?
Meravill me! Si viu de vens!
Tortz er si·m fai midonz morir!
S'ieu muor per liei farai vertutz
Per qu'eu cre que si fos perdutz
Dreitz fora que puois mi noguès.

Era·il ven en cor que m'azir,
Mas ja fo q'er'autres sos sens!
C'aitals es sos entendemens
Per q'ieu li dei totz temps servir
Pel ben qe·m n'es escazegutz;
Ja no m'en vengues mais salutz
Li dei totz temps estar als pès.

Si·m volgues sol tant consentir
Q'ieu fos totz temps sos entendens,
Ab bels digz n'estera jauzens,
E feira·m ses faitz esgauzir!
E degra·m ben esser cregutz
Qu'eu non dic tan que·m fos creguz
Mas del Bon Respeig don visquès.

Bon Respeig, d'aut sui bas cazutz!
E si no·m ereb sa vertutz
Per conseil li don qe·m pendès!

Peire Rogier, I must,
for your sake, violate the promises and agreements
I have with my lady, quite sorrowfully,
about singing, which I intended to renounce;
but since you have come to me here
I shall sing, although I have been dumb,
for I don't want to be [your] debtor.

I shall much thank and praise you,
since you had the intention and wish
to know how I conduct myself;
and I wish you to have something to say about it.
And let not my riches shield me,
if I am mean or cowardly,
from your passing the truth along.

For praising him who wants to deceive
through riches is blame
and wrong and bad breeding,
and makes the others mock him.
For true worth is not known from sayings
but it is recognised in actions instead,
and the talk [should] follow the deeds.

You wish to hear my title from me.
What am I: either a leman or . . . Now I shut my mouth!
For now my musings mount
the higher the more I consider it!
I wish you indeed to know that I am not a leman
for the precise reason that I am not desired;
but I love well: if only my lady loved me!

Peire Rogier, how can I stand
such a single-sided love?
I do wonder! I live thus on thin air.
It will be wrong if my lady makes me die:
if I die for her, I'll do a miracle
so that I believe that if she were lost [to me],
it'd then be right for me to harm myself.

Now it comes to her mind to wish me ill,
but there was a time in which her opinion was different;
her love is such
that I must court her forever
because of the good that has come from it;
even if she wouldn't so much as greet me anymore,
I ought to always be at her feet.

If she only wished to grant me this much,
that I'd be her eternal suitor,
I would be happy and gentle of speech,
and she would make me rejoice without anything carnal.
And I should indeed be believed,
for I don't speak, no matter how much it grows in me,
except about Good Expectation, wherefore I'd live.

Good Expectation, I have fallen from high to low!
And if her power doesn't rescue me,
I advise her to hang me.

Note: This poem is in response to Peire Rogier's Senh'en Raymbaut, per vezer.