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Car vei qe clars
Chanz s'abriva
Dels aucels, e·l prims fremirs,
M'es douz e bels lor auzirs
Tan qe no sai coisi·m viva
Sens chantar, per qe comenz
Una chansoneta gaia.

E·l sols blancs, clars,
Veg qe raia
Cautz, greus, secs, durs et ardenz,
Qe·m frain totz mos bons talens.
Mas una voluntatz gaia
D'un franc joi, qe·m mou Dezirs,
No vol c'ap flacs volers viva.

Ges no m'es clars
Ni m'esquiva
Est jois, don faz lez sospirs,
Ni sai s'anc mi valc mos dirs
Ni mi noc; e tem qe·m viva
Enaisi trop lonjamens
L'amors qe·il tenc meja gaia.

Mos cors es clars
E s'esmaia!
Aici vauc mestz grams-iauzens,
Plens e voigz de bel comens;
Qe l'una meitatz es gaia
E l'autra m'adorm cossirs
Ab voluntat mort'e viva.

C'us volers clars
Qe·m caliva
M'espeing enant en Faillirs!
Mostra Temers que jauzirs
Val mais al home qe viva
Qe cortz gaugz; per q'espaventz
S'altempr'ab voluntat gaia.

Vostr'amics clars
No·us essaia,
Dona, ni·us mostra parvens,
Cor es en vos totz sos sens.
Ni sap si l'etz dur'o gaia!
Tant vos tem qe·l Descubrirs
L'escarz, e no sap com viva.

Que non es clars,
Ab c'om pliva,
Amics, ni ab genz mentirs,
Si non tem so; c'a martirs
Leu deu venir anz q'el viva!
C'om non ama finamenz
Senes gran temensa gaia.

Ai! francs cors clars!
Res veraia!
Domna, vailla·m Chausimenz
Si eu non sui tant sapiens
Qe·us sapcha, per foudat gaia,
Dir so qe voil; mas Suffrirs
No·m dan si voletz qe viva.

Domna,·l meilher res qe viva!
De loing ses fuec m'escomprens
E·m donas voluntat gaia.

Ai! dousa res coind'e gaia
Ara·m prosmara·l morirs
Si no·m das socors com viva.

Since I see that the clear
song and the fine
warbling of the birds is increasing,
I find it sweet and pleasant to hear them;
so much in fact that I don't know how to live
without singing, so that I begin
a cheerful little song.

And I see that the white, clear
sun shines,
hot, searing, dry, hard and burning,
and ruins all my good intentions.
But a cheerful wish
for an earnest joy, which Desire stirs,
doesn't want me to live with an extenuated will.

This joy never clearly
reveals itself nor does it
shy me, and I happily sigh because of it,
and I don't know whether my sayings avail me
or harm me; and I fear
this half-hearted joy will overlive
in this state.

My heart is clear
and still dismayed;
I go disheartened, sad and still merry,
full and void [at once] of good beginnings;
for my one half is merry
and the other dulled by worry
with a will which is dead, and still lives.

A clear desire
that consumed me
pushes me into Misconduct's arms;
[but] Retain shows me that enjoyment
is worth more to any living man
than a brief pleasure; through which my fear
is alloyed with cheerful will.

Your clear lover
doesn't approach you,
lady, nor shows you his visage
when all his senses tend towards you.
He doesn't know if you are harsh towards him, or cheerful;
he regards you so much that Disclosure
keeps him away, and he doesn't know how to live.

For a lover is not clear,
no matter if one pleads
or is full of pleasant lies,
if he doesn't fear thus; for he should
easily go to his martyrdom rather than live.
For one is not an adept lover
without much cheerful fear.

Ah! Clear, earnest heart!
You true thing!
Lady, may Clemency avail me
if I am not wise enough
to be able, through my cheerful folly,
to say what I mean; but Enduring
won't hurt me, if you wish me to live.

Lady, the best thing alive,
you inflame me from afar, without fire
and give me cheerful longing.

Ah, you sweet, gleeful, nice thing,
now death draws near me
if you don't come to my rescue so that I may live.