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Ab vergoinha part marrimentz
Chantarai, mas eu no·n pusc als;
Car vergoinha deu ben aver
Qui es en gran benenansa
E puix, ja per dreit ni per tort,
La pert, com c'ama finamentz.

Mas eu no paresc tan dolentz
Com so, per que m'en ve grans mals;
Mas Deus, c'a midons met voler
Que·m faza mala semblanza,
No·m pot mais mal far de mort;
E d'aquel eus serai jausentz.

E si d'aizo no son crezentz
No·n pusc als; mas Dieus, qu'es leyals,
Me don encar ogan un ver
Colp de cairel o de lanza,
Ho c'om en escut freig m'en port;
E puix er l'envejos manentz.

E qui·l ditz zo qued eu li mentz,
Per que ma dona·m ten per fals–
Mas seinors! – cal pro pot tener
Qui zo pert per devinanza,
Don bon amic son en descort?
Et el men suau per las dentz.

Mas ples es de vilas talentz
Istz lausengiers ab ditz venals,
Si que un rei cuja valer
S'a totz en ditz en romanza
Zo que·l sembla per fat deport,
Don camja bos cors e bos sentz.

Per que, madon', es faillimentz
Qui cre tot cant au dels aitals;
E vos, s'anc m'ametz jorn ni ser,
Donc com fotz anc en duptanza
Qu'eu faillis vas vos tan de tort?
Mas zo sai que·us dol mos turmentz.

Don vau'nvers e truis examentz
Si que paresc fols naturals;
E farai totz tems, zo esper,
Tro·m tornetz en alegranza
E·m perdonetz ses mal resort
Lo tort qu'eu non ai, qu'es parventz.

E donc en breu, ses duptanza,
Per merc·m tornatz en acort,
Si no·us platz ma mort o·l valentz!

Car me sen vas Amor ses tort
Vos en prec tan ardidamentz.

With shame along with distress
I shall sing, since I can't do otherwise:
for he must indeed be ashamed
who has a great privilege
and then, through right or wrong,
loses it, regardless of how well he loves.

But I do not seem as wretched
as I am, wherefore a great ill comes to me;
but god, who makes my lady wish
to put up an unfriendly countenance,
can't harm me more by death;
and of that too I shall be glad.

And if I am not pious in this,
I can't help it; but may god, who is trustworthy,
give me right away a true
stroke of bolt or lance,
or let people carry me away, cold, on a shield;
and then the envious will be happy.

And he who says I lie to her
(for my lady thinks of me as false)...
but gentlemen! What does it avail one
who ruins this through humbug,
wherefore good lovers are embroiled?
And he is lying smugly through his teeth.

But he is filled with low desires,
this slanderer with perfidious sayings,
so that he fancies himself worth a king
if he tells everybody in plain words
what he imagines out of stupid disport,
wherefore he turns good hearts and good feelings around.

Therefore, my lady, he is at fault
who believes all he hears from such people;
and you, if you at any moment loved me,
how could you even suspect
that I could fail you so awfully?
But I know this: that my torment afflicts you.

Wherefore I am downcast and crushed likewise,
so that I look like a born fool;
and I always shall, this I hope,
until you restore me to happiness
and forgive me, without further claim,
the fault I do not have, as is evident.

And therefore, presently, without hesitation,
for mercy's sake, return me to your favour,
if you don't agree to my death or its equivalent!

Since I feel myself without fault towards Love,
I beg you so ardently in this matter.