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Ara non siscla ni chanta
Rossigniols, ni crida l'auriols
En vergier ni dinz forest,
Ni par flors groja ni blava;
E si·m nais Jois e Chans
E creis en veillians;
Car no·m ven com sol somnejans.

Car a midonz atalanta
Qe·m loing dols! E serai ben fols
S'eu totz temps ab leis non rest,
Pos frain ma dolor plus brava;
Si qe fais ni afans
No·m pot esser dans,
Ni maltraigz no·m dol paucs ni grans.

C'a pauc lo cors no·m n'avanta.
Q'esquirols non es, ni cabrols,
Tan lieus com eu sui, q'el test
M'es la joia q'eu cercava;
Don son jais en trepans
E serai tot lans,
Pos ma dona vol mos enans.

E neys noca·m n'espavanta
Lurs estols dels fels, fals e mols
Lauzengiers, cui Deus tempest,
Si·m pren midonz e m'entrava
Per ja mais a mil ans
Tot als seus comans;
Q'en als cors non col q'eu m'eslans.

Ja Deus, qe·ls jornz fes qaranta
Don mos sols es tornatz fillols,
No·m des a don ni a prest
Mais re, si leis mi salava;
Anz li lais el balans
Lo mon e mil tans
Contra leis qe·m tol totz enjans.

C'ap ton cor q'el mieu se planta,
Sai qe·m tols–car donar no·m vols
Domna, que Jois pais e vest –
Tot l'enjan q'a me! portava.
Gen lo·m trais. Sain Johans!
Ar m'en creis talans
Don cairai el sol ablasmans!

Ai domna prezans,
Ar penz qe·us acol en baizans.

Joglar, vostr'enans
Voil, e Dieus lo vol mil aitans.

Now the nightingale neither warbles
nor sings and the oriole doesn't whistle
in gardens or in forests,
neither yellow nor blue flowers appear
and yet Joy and Song are born in me,
and grow while I'm awake;
for they don't come to me, as they used to, when I'm asleep.

For my lady elects
that I part from sadness! And I shall be rather foolish
if I do not remain with her forever,
since she destroys my fiercest grief,
so that neither trouble nor anguish
can harm me,
nor does suffering, great or small, afflict me.

For my body almost escapes me.
There isn't squirrel nor roe deer
as light-footed as I am, for in my mind
is the joy I was seeking;
wherefore I am merry and frisky
and I shall be all elan,
for my lady wants my improvement.

And not even the swarm
of the felon, false, flaccid slanderers
– may god destroy them – frightens me in the least
if my lady captures me and binds me
for more than a thousand years,
completely, to her service;
for I don't let my lust sway me towards someone else.

May god, who resisted the forty days
because of which this land of mine is christianised
never give me as a gift or loan
anything more, if he was keeping her for me;
rather, I'll leave him, as compensation,
this world, and a thousand times as much
in exchange for her who purges me of all deceits.

For with your heart entering mine
I know that you take away – for I know that you don't wish to give me,
lady whom joy nourishes and clothes –
all the deception that I, alas! used to suffer.
You graciously took it away. Saint John!
Now my desire mounts in me,
wherefore I'll fall to the ground fainting!

Ah! Worthy lady,
now I imagine that I'm embracing and kissing you.

Joglar, I wish for your advancement
and god wishes for it a thousand times more.