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Aissi mou
Un sonet nou,
On ferm e latz
Chansson leu,
Pos vers plus greu
Fan sorz dels fatz.
Q'er er vist,
Pos tan m'es quist,
Cum sui senatz;
Si cum sol,
Fora mos cors vesatz;
Mas chamjar l'ai pos quex o vol.

Tot m'es nou
Qan vei, si·m mou
Far posc greu
– ve·us que dic leu –
Mas voluntatz,
Tant ai quist,
Car ai ben vist
C·um poja gratz;
C'ab mo vol
For'ieu fort aut pojatz!
Anquer es mos gratz lai on sol.

Tant ai prim
Mon cor qand rim
Que·ls adiratz
Tem de loing;
Mas de pres poing,
Cum fos amatz,
Per cel joi
Don fals ni croi
Non an solatz –
Trop derrenc!
Car dic q'ieu l'am; qu'assatz
Fai si·m sofre q'ieu la·m sovenc.

Amors, rim
Co·s vuoilla prim;
Pos m'etz de latz
En que poing?
C'ab colp de loing
Son pres nafratz;
Tot m'es croi
Qan d'autre joi
Sol me tocatz.
Si no·us venc.
Amors, mala fui natz!
Que puosc'amar e mens ric renc!

Ges un sou
Non pretz, qan plou
Si·m sui moillatz,
Freig ni neu;
Tant ai pes breu
Del joi qe·m platz;
Mas, per Crist,
Pos mi fai trist
Cant pes iratz:
"cor ai fol
C'ar am sol ses solatz."
Aissi torn mon bon pens en dol.

Era·m plou!
Qe·m fara sou
Trichan ses datz;
Et, en breu,
Vei cazer neu.
Anz es estatz!
Tant ai trist
Mon cor, per Crist,
Totz sui camjatz –
Q'er ai dol
Et er ai gaug viatz;
Ve·us m'en savi e ve·us m'en fol.

Qand nos vim,
Sempr'es al cim
Mos cors ausatz.
Puois d'als soing
Non ac, ni·s joing
Vas autre latz;
Per que·m coi?
C'alres m'enoi:
"Trop l'am – non fatz!"
Lai la tenc
Eu tant cant al cor platz,
C'anc pos la vic d'als no·m sovenc.

Sus d'aut cim
Fui quand nos vim,
Jos davallatz
Si no·s joing
So dont ai soing;
Mas ni guidatz
Lui n'ennoi.
Amors, pro·m coi!
D'ella penssatz?
No·us sovenc
Anc de las mas mi datz
La mort, c'ar vezetz qe·m sostenc?

Trop mi tenc
Q'en lai non sui anatz
Saber d'amor s'anc l'en sovenc.

No·m sovenc
Anc d'ela – so sapchatz –
Mas una vetz qe·l vi e·m tenc.

Thus I begin
a new little tune
in which I enclose and bind
a plain song,
for more difficult verses
make dunces deaf.
Now it will show
(since they ask me so much),
how sensible I am:
as usual,
if my heart were merry;
but I shall change it, since everyone wishes so.

Everything I see
is new to me; so much
a fine affair stirs me;
I can hardly have
– I speak plainly, see? –
it my way,
so much have I sought;
for I have indeed seen
how her favour uplifts me;
if I had it my way,
I would be uplifted rather high!
but her favour is still where it used to be.

So sweet is
my heart when it flares
that I fear the hostile
people from afar;
but near at hand,
oh! to be loved
through that joy
that doesn't please
the false and wicked!
I am straying too far!
For I say I love her; and it is enough for me
if she bears with the fact that I recall her.

Love, I flare
as excellently as anyone;
since you are at my side,
why do I strive?
for I have fallen, wounded
by a blow from afar;
I find the mere
mention of other
joys wicked.
If she hasn't come to you,
Love, I was born in an evil hour;
may she be able to love in a less noble rank.

I don't give
a damn about the rain
and being soaked,
nor about the cold and snow
as long as I have a brief thought
of the joy I like;
but, by Christ,
it makes me then bleak
when I sadly consider
"I have a foolish heart
for I only love alone and without solace"
Thus I turn my pleasant thought into grief.

Now it pours on me!
It would seem sunny to me
in a flash
and, in a moment,
I see falling snow.
Quite the opposite, it is Summer!
So sad is
my heart, by Christ,
that I am a total lunatic –
for now I'm in pain
and now suddenly joyous;
see how it turns me now wise, now mad.

Since we saw each other,
my heart is always
uplifted to the top.
Since I had no
other care, nor do I turn
why am I afflicted?
For something else bothers me:
'I love her too much – not quite!'
I keep her in my heart
as much as it pleases it,
for since it has seen her, I can't recall anything else.

Up, at a great height
I was when we met,
[I'll be] cast down
if that which makes me anxious
doesn't happen;
but even if instructed properly,
I annoy her.
Love, I suffer greatly!
Are you thinking about her?
Don't you ever remember that
you are bringing me
death because you see that I'm resisting?

I restrain myself too much
for I haven't gone there
to ascertain whether she recalls love.

I can't recall
anything about her – know that –
except once when I saw her and she held me.