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Ben s'eschai q'en bona cort
Chan qui chantar sap:
E ieu atendrai mon gap
Don mi tenrai plus per lort;
Car sabran li sec e·il sort
Q'ieu n'aurai pretz, qui q'en jap,
Dels vint qe serem el trap.

Donc l'endeman del beort
Levarai el cap
La gran corona de drap.
An Mita ab lo nas cort,
E qui l'apella dreich bort
Lau que la lenga l'arap
Que mais fols motz no·ill escap!

Aissi ai bastit en gaug
Mon cor nou e fresc,
C'ades sort e saill e tresc
Si q'apenas veig ni aug;
E sapcha·l donz de Talaug
Q'ieu non sui cel que paresc:
Q'en autre sen m'entrebesc.

E qui·s vol, corn, crit e flaug
D'amor, pos ieu cresc
Sobre totz, c'als q'en fol pesc!
Q'eu am des Luc tro ad Aug
La genssor, e m'en pelaug
Tot hom c'autra per fadesc
Engal'ab lieis en paresc.

Per midonz ai cor estout
Et humil e baut;
Car s'a lieis non fos d'azaut
Ieu m'estera en luoc d'un vout:
Que d'als non pensera mout
Mas manjera e tengra·m chaut
Et agra nom Raembaut.

E qui vol aprenre, escout
D'amar ben cum saut!
Eu saill plus que nuills hom aut;
E·l janglos saill per so mout
Sol que s'apil e s'acout:
Cuig'ab lausenjar d'espaut
Dir so don ma dompna faut.

Ma chanssos non vuoill que saut
Mas per celz de cui m'azaut.

Per enseignamen m'azaut
De moutz qe·m fan de lur chaut.

Joglars, per qe·m desazaut
Ma dompna e vos mi faitz baut.

It is fitting that he who can sing
sings in a good court:
and I shall prove my claim
for which I'll consider myself even dumber;
for even the blind and deaf will know
that, whoever might decry it, I, of the twenty
who will be in the lodging, shall carry off the honours.

Then, the day after the contest,
I shall wear on my head
the great cloth crown.
Let Mita be filled with spite
and if someone calls it foul play,
I concede that his tongue be torn out
so that no more foolish words may escape it.

I have so bedecked in joy
my fresh and new heart,
that I now jump and leap and dance
so that I hardly see or hear;
and let the lord of Talaug know
that I am not what I look like
for I take part in another sense.

And let who wishes honk, cry and flute
about love, for I raise
above all, I who fish otherwise than a fool!
For I love the best lady there is
from Luc to Auch, and I challenge
everyone who, out of folly, thinks another
woman to be her equal in appearance.

Through my lady, my heart is proud,
humble and haughty;
for if I were not to her taste
I would be like a holy image:
for I wouldn't thing much about anything
but eating and keeping warm,
and my name would be Raembaut.

And if someone wants to learn, let him listen
to how I learn from loving well:
I raise higher than anyone;
and the gossip raises much because of this,
save that he sticks firm and rests on his elbows;
he claims, with bold calumny,
that because of which my lady will fail me.

My song doesn't want me to spring,
if not for those with whom I'm pleased.

Out of learning, I am pleased
with many who induce me to caution.

Joglars, why am I displeased?
You and my lady make me haughty.