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Ab nou cor et ab nou talen
Ab nou saber et ab nou sen
Et ab nou bel captenemen
Vuoill un bon vers commensar;
E qui mos bons nous motz enten
Ben er plus nous a son viven
Qu'us vieills en deu renovellar.

Qu'ieu renovel mon ardimen
(Qu'ai novel ab veil pessamen.)
Franc de novel ab ferm parven,
E chantem al novel temps clar
Que·l novels fruitz naison desen
E·l novels critz on Jois s'empren
E·ill auzeill intron en amar.

Domn'am que me fai alegrar
Qu'ieu am plus c'om non sap pensar
Tant ben cum ieu am, ni comtar;
Qu'ieu am la gensor ses conten –
Si Dieus m'am! – e no·i met cuidar
C'ad ops d'amar la·m saup triar
Amors quan nos ajostet gen.

D'Amor mi dei ieu ben lauzar
Mais c'ad Amor guizerdonar
Non puosc, qu'Amors m'a si·m ten car.
Da·t Amors per son chauzimen
Mais qu'Amors non pot estojar
A sos ops, Amors, ni donar
Ad autrui don ai cor rizen.

Rire dei ieu si·m fatz soven
Que·l cor mi ri neis en dormen,
E midonz ri·m tant dousamen
Que ris de Dieu m'es vis, so·m par,
E si·m ten sos ris plus gauzen
Que si·m rizion catre cen
Angel que·m deurion gaug far.

Gaug ai ieu tal que mil dolen
Seriont del mieu gaug manen,
E del mieu gaug tuich miei paren
Viurion ab gaug ses manjar;
E qui vol gaug sai l'an queren,
Qu'ieu ai tot gaug entieramen
De midonz que ben lo·m pot dar.

Dompna, d'als non ai a parlar
Mas de vos, dompna, que baisar
Vos cuig, dompna, quand aug nomnar
Vos, dompna, que ses vestimen
En mon cor, dompna, vos esgar;
C'ades mi·us veig inz dompn'estar
Vostre bel nou cors covinen.

De mon nou vers vuoill totz pregar
Que·l m'anon de novel chantar
A lieis c'am senes talan var.
Dieus m'abais, et Amors, s'ieu men;
C'autre ris mi semblon plorar,
Si·m ten ferm en gaug ses laissar
Midonz, c'autre drut non cossen.

Ja Dieus mais dompna no·m presen,
Sol gart ma dompn' e mon Joglar!

Dieus gart ma dompna e mon Joglar
E ja mais dompna no·m presen.

With a new heart and with a new desire,
with a new knowledge and with a new sense
and with a fair, new conduct
I want to begin a fine verse;
and he who understands my fine new words
is indeed younger in his life:
for an old man should be renewed by them.

I renew my daring
(for I have new intentions together with the old).
Sincere again, and with firm intentions,
let us sing to the bright incoming season;
for the new fruits are carried forth,
and so are the new cries in which Joy is kindled
and the birds begin to love.

I love a lady who gladdens me
for I love more than one could imagine
– so well I love – or tell;
for I love the most noble woman, without dispute –
so help me god! – and I am not presumptuous about it,
for Love could well gauge me as a lover
when he so nobly matched us.

I must indeed praise Love
since I cannot reward Love
for keeping me and holding me dear.
Love gives you, out of his judgement,
more than Love can hoard
for its own profit, or give
to someone else, so that I have a laughing heart.

I ought to laugh, and so I often do,
for my heart laughs even when sleeping,
and my lady smiles at me so sweetly
that I am showed the smile of god (or so it appears to me)
and indeed her smile keeps me happier
than if four hundred angels
committed to giving me joy would smile at me.

I have such joy that a thousand grieving men
would be rich with my joy,
and of my joy all my relatives
could live in joy without food;
and he who longs for joy, let him come seek it here,
for I truly have all joy
from my lady, who well can bestow it.

Lady, I ought not to talk about anything
but you, lady, for I imagine
I am kissing you, lady, when I hear someone mention
your name, lady whom, without clothes,
I behold in my heart;
for now I see within myself, lady,
your beautiful, becoming, naked body.

About this verse: I wish to endear all
to go sing it anew
to her whom I love with no fickle intentions.
May god and Love cast me down if I lie;
for other laughters look to me like weeping,
so firmly my lady, who scorns other lovers,
holds me steadfast in joy.

May god never show me another lady,
if only he keeps my lady and my Joglar!

May god keep my lady and my Joglar
and never show me another lady.