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Ai, dousa flor ben olenz,
Plus clara que flors de lis
Ni miracdes ni robis
Ni carboncle[s] resplandenz,
A vos sui tut benvolenz,
Umils [e] fis e verais!
Domna volgues per vos mais,
Que sapchatz: saisos seria
Que·l mieu cors fos per vos gais!

E s'ieu per vos fos jausenz
De qui·s volgues fos Paris,
O agues Domas conquis!
Poi qui·s volgues fos manenz!
Que non es aur[s] ni argenz,
Tor[s] ni castel[s] ni palais
Qu'eu ames tan com un bais
Que de vos, domna, faria,
Et anc jorn no m'en estrais.

E no sui vostre parenz,
Oncle, fraire ni cosis;
Pero francs vos sui e fis,
Humils e hobedienz
Per far vostres mandamenz;
E anc jorn non m'en complais,
Ni autra no m'i sostrais
Ni fara tan [quan] viu[s] sia.
Gardatz que·n faretz oimais!

Ben ai aütz los turmenz
D'amors e be·ls ai apris
Et enquier non ai conquis
Dels mil mals dos jausimenz!
Mas si·m fossetz benvolenz,
Aleuzeratz me·l greu fais,
Car de vos amar no·m lais.
Plus tengra vos per amia,
E·n fera chansos e lais.

Bela boca, blancas denz
Bel esgart e plaisen vis,
Cors ben fait e gent assis,
Complit de bels no[i]rimenz,
Avez, domna conoissenz,
Et enquer a en vos mais:
Valor[s] e fin[s] pretz verais
E sen[z]; vos[tr'es] cortesia,
E totz jorns broila e nais.

Deus maudia malamenz
Fals lausenjadors savais
Que totz jorns pensan com bais
Jois e pretz e cortesia;
E d'als mos cors non s'irais.

Ah, sweet flower of good scent,
brighter than the lily flower,
than emeralds and rubies
and glimmering carbuncles,
I am yours and full of good will,
humble, faithful and true!
Lady, I would have liked for you
to know this by yourself: it would be time
for my heart to rejoyce through you.

And if I were happy through you,
let who wants it take Paris
or conquer Damascus!
And let who wants it be rich!
For there is no gold nor silver,
tower, castle or palace
that I'd like as much as a kiss
that you, lady, would give,
and there's no day I'm free from this [desire].

And I am no parent of yours,
uncle, brother nor cousin;
but I am loyal and faithful to you,
humble and obedient
to do your bidding;
and there is no time when I complain
and is there is no other to distract me,
nor will there be, as long as I live.
See, then, what you'll do about that!

I have had my share of torments
of love and I have learnt them well
and, up to now, I have not traded
those thousand ills for two joys!
But if you were well disposed,
you would lighten my great weight,
for I don't give up on loving you.
I would hold you even dearer
and make songs and lais about it.

Beautiful mouth, white teeth,
beautiful look and pleasing visage,
well-shaped body and graceful posture,
perfection in beautiful education
you have, learned woman,
and there is more in you:
greatness and true fine virtue
and reason; courtesy is yours,
and it thrives and is renewed.

God badly curse
the false, savage slanderers
that plot every day to debase
joy and virtue and courtesy;
and nothing else saddens my heart.