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Amors, e com er de me?
Ja sui tornatz en l'afan
De que m'alarguetz antan
En aissi del tot lo fre,
Per vezer s'ieu ja sabria
Be ni gen viure ses vos.
Be ni gen? No, mas viuria
Seguramen, cum que fos,
Aissi cum vei viur' assatz
Ses vos e ses vostr' ajuda,
De rics e d'alegoratz
Qu'an la vergonha perduda.

De tot autre guerrier cre
Que·s pot hom defendr'ab bran
O metre l'escut denan
Sivals entre lui e se;
O s'estrem' om de sa via
O·s met en un luec rescos,
O·lh val fors o galhardia,
O gienhs o defensios,
O castelhs o fermetatz,
O amics o bon' ajuda.
Mas selh que vos guerrejatz
Val menhs, on plus s'esvertuda.

A, de mon cor! Quar no ve
De lai on remas antan.
Amors, a vos o deman:
Ma domna, per que·l rete?
Vau vezer si·l me rendria.
De l'anar sui ieu cochos,
Mas del tornar cum seria?
Be faria d'un pas dos.
Mais me notz "a dieu siatz"
Que "dieus vos sal" no m'ajuda.
Domna, si no fos comjatz
Mout fora bona·l venguda.

Tres letras del a. b. c.
Aprendetz, plus no·us deman:
A. m. t., quar aitan
Volon dir cum "am te".
Quar ab aitan de clercia
Auriam pro, ieu e vos.
Mas pero ben i volria
O. e c. maintas sazos
Que s'ieu dizia "digatz,
Domna, fariatz m'ajuda?"
Eu cre que vos seriatz
De dir "oc" aperceubuda.

Bona domna, tart m'ave
Qu'ieu vos diga mon talan,
Et aquo pauc e duptan,
E per tot so no·m recre.
E quar vostra companhia
Es tota d'omes gilos,
Us amics se tanheria
Don' entre tans enuios
Qu'ieu i tem e vos duptatz.
Per que·i auri' ops ajuda
E doncs com no comensatz,
Bona donna, es perduda.

L'anars, bona dompna, ·m platz
Vas vos, per respieg d'ajuda;
E pueis, quan m'en sui tornatz,
Ieu trop ma pena creguda.

Lauzengier, bon astr' aiatz
Qu'ades me faitz bon' ajuda,
Qu'ab vostre mentir m'onratz,
E·l vertatz non es saubuda.

Love, what will become of me?
Again have I plunged in the anguish
from which you left, me last year,
completely unbridled
to see if I'd be able
to live well and properly without you.
Well and properly? No, but I'd live
safely, be what it may,
just like I see several [people] living,
without you and without your help,
in riches and idleness,
having lost all shame.

From all other assailants, I believe,
one can defend himself with a sword
or by putting forth one's shield,
at least, between oneself and him;
or one can get out of his way
or hide himself some place,
or have strength and daring rescue him
or artifice, or defence,
or castle, or fortress
or friend or good help.
But he whom you wage war to,
the more he endeavours, the less he's worth.

Oh, my heart! For it does not come
back from where it lingered last year.
Love, I ask you this:
my lady, why does she hold it?
I go see if she'll give it back.
I am eager when going
but how shall I be when returning?
I'll take two steps where I take one.
"God be with you" harms me more
than "god save you" helps me.
Lady, if there were no farewell,
the arrival would do much good.

Learn three letters
of the ABC, for I don't ask for more:
L, U, V, U, because they mean
the same as "I love you".
For, with this much learning
we'd have what we need, you and me.
But one could well need
Y, E and S, many times:
for, if I said "Say,
lady, will you lend me help?"
I believe that you would be
discerning enough to say "Yes"

Good lady, it occurs me late
to tell you my feelings
and too little, and with hesitation at that;
and, in spite of all that, I don't desist.
And since all your entourage
is made of jealous men,
one would need a friend,
then, among so many meddlers
whom I fear, and you doubt.
Thus, there would be need for help
[which], since you don't begin,
good lady, is lost.

To come to you, good lady,
pleases me, out of hope of help;
and then, when I've turned away,
I [find] my burden much increased.

Slanderers, may the stars shine on you
for you give me good help, now,
for you honour me with your lies
and the truth remains unknown.

Note: in Old Provençal, one said "god be with you" upon departing and "god save you" upon meeting somebody.