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Camjada s'es m'aventura
Do ieu me sofrir' assatz,
E si em breu no·m melhura
Serai amics dezamatz,
Qu'era·m luenha de son aire
Selha que·m soli' atraire
Mas chansos e mos gais sos.
E pus razos m'es falhida,
Si vuelh far chanson grazida,
Ops m'es ajuda de sen,
O non chantarai plazen.

Dompna, no met en rancura
Neguna re que·m fassatz,
Qu'ans farai tan de mezura
Qu'ieu sufrirai tot em patz
Per lo ben que·m soletz faire.
Et es mi greu a retraire
Que ja vos vostras faissos
Desmentatz a vostra vida;
Et er mi bon si·us oblida
Que vos fassatz falhimen
Qu'ieu planc mais que·l dan que·i pren.

E s'ieu per ma forfaitura
Fos donna si malmenatz,
Ie·us pliu per tot quant hom iura
Qu'ieu fora dezesperatz.
Mas ieu sui leials amaire:
Doncs, domna, que·us es vejaire?
Que anc pros dompna que fos
Non dec laissar ses falhida
Son amic, pus l'a servida
De son poder francamen.
E s'o fetz, non l'estet gen.

Dona si·n aissi peiura
Vas me vostra voluntatz,
E non voletz aver cura
Cum ab vos me retengatz,
Ja no·m pliurai en flor gaire
Entro que·n veia·l gran traire,
C'om joios ni melhuros
En sia, quar es delida.
E flors, on mielhs es florida,
Elha si franh per nien
Quan so que mostra desmen.

Pero mon cors s'asegura,
Donna, quar vos no·m camjatz
Per autre, ni per falsura
Ni per ren, mas quar vos platz.
Per qu'er plus leu del refaire.
Et ieu suis leials amaire,
Mais joios et amoros
Cum qu'estiers no ai guerida
Ses vos, que m'etz abelhida,
Pros donna, mais per un cen
Qu'al primier comensamen.

Lauzengier, dieus vos don vida
Que tals messong' es auzida
Don vos me faitz honramen
Et amar celadamen.

My luck has turned,
which I would rather do without;
and, if it doesn't improve in short,
I'll be an unloved friend,
for she, who used to attract
my songs and my merry melodies,
now drives me away from her surroundings.
And since the source has failed me,
in order to write a graceful song
I need the help of my wisdom
or I won't sing pleasantly.

Lady, I don't bear grudges
for anything you might have done;
for, to the contrary, I'll control myself so much
that I'll suffer everything in silence
for the sake of the good you used to do me.
And it pains me to remind you
that you contradict
your manners with your life;
and I'd rather forget
that you had shortcomings,
which pain me more than the harm they do me.

And if it were because of my misdeeds,
lady, that I was so maltreated,
I assure you, for everything one swears on,
that I would be despairing.
But I am a loyal suitor:
then, lady, what is your point?
For there never was a valiant lady
who had to abandon, through no fault of his own,
her suitor, after he has served her
sincerely with all in his power.
And if she did, she wasn't courteous.

Lady, if your will
worsens so towards me,
and you don't want to care
how to keep me with you,
from now on, I shan't trust a [wheat] flower
until I see the grains growing from it,
so that it is joyous
and improved because it is destroyed.
And a flower, when it is at its best bloom,
breaks up for no reason
if it disproves its appearance.

Still, my heart is assured,
lady, that you haven't turned [away]
because of another [woman], or because of falsehood
nor for any reason except that you felt like it.
Then, it is easier to restore it.
And I am a loyal suitor,
much joyous and loving,
although I have no salvation
without you being agreeable,
valiant lady, and that a hundred times
more than [you were] in the beginning.

Slanderers, may god keep you,
for a certain lie is spread
by which you do me honour
and [let me] love in secret.