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De nuilla ren non es tant grans cartatz
Com d'omes pros, e car n'es carestia
Fai a plaigner us pros quan se cambia.
Et eu dic lo pel vescomt de Burlatz,
C'auzit ai dir qu'es de bon pretz camjatz
Car no·il platz jes aitan cum sol valors.
Eu non dic jes per so qu'a mal se·l teigna,
Enanz o fatz per respieich que reveigna;
Que vida·l es anta e desonors
Qui non a pretz segon qu'es sa ricors.

Que hom non es tant pros ni tant prezatz
Que non aia blasme de cui que sia;
E s'us fols li ditz mal per sa foillia
Jes per aisso no·s tenga per blasmatz,
Enanz s'en deu tener per ben lauzatz,
Car al pro es blasmes del croi lauzors.
Per qu'ieu li prec que mon cosseil reteigna:
Qu'aissi cum sol captener se capteigna
E laisse dir als necis lor follors,
Que·il conoissen en diran pro lauzors.

Qu'ieu ai auzit mal dire d'En Blacatz
E d'En Raimon Agout que tant valia
Que per aisso no peiuret un dia,
E del marques de cui fo Monferratz,
Que per aisso non semblet nuills iratz
Ni non tolgron ben faich als cantadors.
Pauc vos ama, Vescoms, qui vos enseigna
Que de donar ni de pretz no·us soveigna.
Leu aura faich vostre fins pretz son cors
Si non avetz amics e lauzadors.

De las dompnas mi platz ben lor onors
De Caercin, e voill mal als seignors.

Of no such thing is there such a want
as of valiant men and, since there is scarcity,
it is regrettable that a brave is swayed.
And I say this for the viscount of Burlats,
for I have heard that he has turned away from good virtue
because he doesn't at all like valour as he used to.
And I don't talk at all for him to begrudge it,
rather, I do it in hope that he comes back to his senses;
for life is shame and dishonour for him
who doesn't have virtue to suit his standing.

For no man is so valiant and so worthy
that he can't be blamed for anything;
and if a fool speaks ills of him out of folly,
he shouldn't consider himself blamed at all,
rather, he should consider himself well praised,
because, to a valiant man, blame from a knave is praise.
It is for this that I endear him to listen to my advice:
that he behave as he used to behave
and let the simpletons produce their foolishness,
for the knowing will produce worthy praise.

For I have heard bad things told about Blacatz
and about Raimon Agout, who was so valiant,
who didn't slip, for this, a single day,
and about the marquis who ruled Monferrato,
who didn't seem to be sad about it at all
nor did they stop, because of this, their patronage of singers.
He loves you little, viscount, who teaches you
that neither generosity nor virtue behoves you.
Soon will your fine virtue reach its end
if you don't have friends and praisers.

I like well the honour of the ladies
of Carcin, and I wish the lords ill.