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L'autrier, lonc un bosc fullos
Trobiei en ma via
Un pastre mout angoissos
Chantan, e dizia
Sa chansos: "Amors,
Ie·m clam dels lauzenjadors,
Car la dolors
Qu'a per elhs m'amia,
Mi fai piegz que·l mia!".

"Pastre, lauzengier gilos
M'onron chascun dia,
E dizon q'ieu sui joios
De tal drudaria
Don mi creis honors.
E no·n ai autre socors,
Pero·l paors
Que cil n'an, seria
Vertatz, s'ieu podia."

"Senher, pus lo fals ressos
De lor gelozia
Vos platz, pauc etz amoros,
Quar lor fellonia
Part mans amadors.
Qu'ieu pert midons pels trachors,
Et es errors
E dobla folhia
Qui en lor se fia."

"Pastre, ieu no sui ges vos,
Que·l maritz volria,
Bates midons a sazos,
Qu'adoncs la·m daria.
Quar per aitals flors
Las an li gelos pejors;
Qu'ab las melhors
Ten dan vilania
E·i val cortezia."

The other day, along a leafy wood
I found, on my way,
a much afflicted shepherd
singing, and his song
said: "Love,
I complain about the slanderers,
for the pain
they cause my friend
hurts me worse than my own!"

"Shepherd, jealous slanderers
honour me every day
and say that I enjoy myself
in an affair such
as would increase my honour.
And I have no other comfort;
but the fear
that they have would be
the truth, if I could [make it so]."

"Sir, since the false rumour
of their jealousy
pleases you, you are not much loving,
for their villany
parts many lovers.
For I lose my lady because of those traitors
and it is a mistake
and a double folly
that one trusts in them."

"Shepherd, I am not [like] you at all
for I would like the husband
to sometimes beat my lady
so he would thus give her to me.
Because, by such treats,
the jealous have them more unfaithful;
for, with the best ladies,
villany harms
and courtesy works."