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S'ieu ueimais deserenan
Non chantava voluntiers,
Vos, a cui platz alegriers,
M'en deuriatz far deman;
Qu'ieu sui ben tengutz
Per mon joi, si l'ai,
Que no sia mutz
On serant li gai.
E vos, cui chanz platz,
Aujatz e chantatz
Ueimais novellas chansos
Que farai ab cunhdetz sos.

S'ieu fos de leugier talan,
Ni temses los cossiriers
C'amors mi donet sobriers,
Ja non for' enquer en tan.
Mas no·m sui mogutz
Ni ges no·m mourai,
Anz sui remanutz
On fui e serai.
E vuelh que·m crezatz,
Vos autre c'amatz,
C'atressi·n penra a vos
Ab un cor, e mal ab dos.

Sabetz vos que doi cor fan?
Certas, homnes messongiers
E fals: d'aquest dos mestiers
Vei que son aquil que·ls an.
Mas s'ieu fos crezutz -
So que no serai -
Ja no fora drutz
Fals on no s'eschai.
Donnas ab beutatz,
Chascuna·us gardatz
Que non aia part en vos
Qui mais a mals aips que bos.

A domn'es pro benestan
Que l'am us sols cavaliers,
E mal, pus i met pariers.
Mas d'un tanh ab qu'el enan
Sia conogutz
S'am ab cor verai
E puois car tengutz
On es - per que l'ai.
E si es malvatz
Ni mal ensenhatz,
Ja belha dompna ni pros
No·is tanh que·l fassa joios.

Dompna sai ieu ses enjan
On non troba lauzengiers
Ren de qua sia parliers,
Mas de be, si n'a talan.
Ni no·n sortz mals brutz,
car non o forfai - ,
Ni nulhs avols cutz
On ill es, ni sai.
Bell'ab gai solatz
Ses avol percatz
Es, e si·n for'ieu gelos
Si·l sens qu'es en lieis no fos.

Lauzengier, digatz
De mi que·us vulhatz,
Qu'ie·m tenh per pagatz de vos,
E mos amics per un dos.

If, from now on, in the future
I were not to sing gladly,
you, who like cheerfulness,
should demand that I do;
for I am rather obliged
by my joy, if I have it,
not to remain silent
where the happy [people] are.
And you, who like singing,
listen and sing
the coming new songs
that I'll write on a gleeful melody.

If I were frivolously inclined,
and didn't fear the toils
that love gave me abundantly,
I wouldn't have achieved as much yet.
But I haven't strayed away
nor will I ever stray away,
rather I have stayed
where I was and will be
and I want you to believe me,
you who love,
that the same will happen to you
who have but one heart; and bad things to those who have two.

Do you know what two hearts make?
For sure, lying and false
men: and I can see that those who have them
are of these two inclinations.
But if I were believed
–which I shall not be–
never would a false lover be
where it is unsuitable.
Women of beauty,
be wary, each of you,
that he who has more bad than good in him
does not get a share of you.

It is mightily suitable for a lady
to be loved by a single knight,
and nasty [of her] to throw in equals.
But the one needs, in advance,
to be known
as such as loves with a true heart
and then to be held dear
where she is – that's how I see it.
And if he is bad
and boorish
it isn't fit for a beautiful or valiant lady
to make him happy.

I know a lady with no deceit,
about whom a slanderer
wouldn't find anything to talk
except for good, if he's so inclined.
Nor any ill rumour raises from her
for she doesn't deserve it –
nor [does she [deserve> any evil rake–
where she is, nor here.
Beautiful and with mirthful cheer,
without ill intentions,
she is, and I would be so jealous of her
if the wisdom she has weren't there.

Slanderers, say
what you want about me,
for I consider myself, and my friend
repaid by you in double.