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S'ie·us essai ad amar,
Vos cui am e tenc car
E dupt e blan,
No m'en devetz mostrar
Pus orgulhos semblan.
Qu'ieu vos am tan
Qu'el mon non es
Neguna res
Qu'ieu pesses que·us plagues
Que no me fos ben' e leugier' a faire.

Qu'ieu non ai ren a far
Mas vostre pretz lauzar
De bon talan.
E si mezura·us par
Tro qu'ieu mais vos deman,
Un belh semblan
De vos agues,
Tro·l mielhs vengues.
Qu'aissi m'avetz conques
Qu'autra no·m pot del cor la dolor traire.

E si·us platz, un baizar
Mi podetz ben donar
Ses vostre dan.
Del plus no·us aus preiar,
Mas termini venran!
Parlem enan,
Belh cors cortes:
So qu'ie·us ai ques
Er mi dat o promes?
Digatz m'en tot so qu'a vos n'es veiaire.

E poirai m'en fizar
En l'amoros esgar
Plazen que·m fan
Vostr' uelh riden e clar?
E s'o fan per enjan
Gran pecat n'an.
Qu'aissi cum es
Caps de totz bes
Lo reis Aragones
Aissi am ieu meils de negun amaire.

Que farai, pus laissar
No·m puesc de vos preiar?
Murrai aman?
Non, per mon grat, enquar
Tro vostre cor prezan
Abras baizan.
Ai, franca res,
Precs e merces
Mi deu valer e·l bes
Qu'ieu aus de vos en mas chansos retraire.

En Engolmes
Agra trames
Mon chantar, mas no·i es
La francha pros comtessa de bon aire.

If I dare love you,
whom I love and hold dear
and fear and flatter,
you must not show me
a haughty attitude for it.
For I love you so much
that, in this world, there is
that I'd think you'd like
that I wouldn't find good and easy to do.

For I have nothing to do
except praising your virtues
in good will.
And if you think it is adequate
(albeit I ask for more),
let me have
a good appearance from you
until better things come to me.
For you have so conquered me
that no other woman can take the pain from my heart.

And, if you like, you may as well
give me a kiss
without any harm to yourself.
I don't dare ask for more,
but the time will come!
Let's talk, before,
kind, beautiful body:
that which I have asked of you
is it given or promised to me?
Tell me all that is in your thoughts.

And shall I be able to trust
the loving, pleasant
glances that come
from your fair, smiling eyes?
And if they do it out of deceit,
they commit a grievous sin.
For, just as
the king of Aragon is
the champion of all good,
so do I love better than any [other] lover.

What shall I do, since I can't
give up on endearing you?
Shall I die loving?
No, in my intention, until
the time when I kiss, embracing,
your precious body.
Ai, noble creature,
entreats and mercy
must be worth something to me, and [so must] the good
that I dare sing about you in many a song.

I would have sent
my song to Engoleime
but the fair, valiant countess of noble lineage
is not there.