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Guilhen de Peiteu: Complete Works

Companho, farai un vers qu'er covinen (Comrades, I shall write a fitting poem) With original melody
Compagno, non puesc mudar qu'eo no m'effrei (Comrades, I don't know where to turn without being upset)
Companho, tant ai agutz d'avols conres (Comrades, I have had so many bad receptions)
Farai un vers de dreit nien (I'll write a verse about nothing at all)
Farai un vers, pos mi sonelh (I'll write a verse, since I'm dozing off)
Ben vuelh que sapchon li pluzor (I would well like most people to know)
Pos vezem de novel florir (Since we see, again, blossoming)
Farai chansoneta nueva (I shall write a new little song)
Molt jauzions mi prenc en amar (Very happily, I begin to love)
Ab la douzor del temps novel (For the sweetness of springtime)
Pos de chantar m'es pres talenz (Since I feel like singing)