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L'autre dia, per un mati,
traspassava per un simelh
e vi dejos un albespi,
encontr'un prim rach de solelh,
una toza que·m ressemblet
sylh cuy ieu vezer solia;
e destolgui·m de la via
vas lieys: rizen me saludet.

Totz jauzions de mon rossi
dessendey jos sobre·l gravelh;
e pres me pel ponh, josta si
assec me a l'ombra d'un telh,
et anc novas no·m demandet.
No sai si me conoyssia;
ilh, oc — per que·us o mentria? —
que·ls huelhs e la cara·m baizet.

Per pauc de joy no m'endurmi
quan mi toqueron siey cabelh.
«Bella», fi·m yeu, «cum etz aissi?
Dombredieus crey m'o apparelh».
«Senher, oc, quar nos ajustet,
qu'alre no vuelh ni queria;
e, si·us platz, a mi plairia
so don hom pus me castiet».

«Amiga segon qu'ieu devi,
tort n'ey si ja mais m'en querelh!
Pus tan privada etz de mi,
dir vos ey mon privat cosselh:
amors m'a tout so que·m donet,
selha que mout m'abellia;
ar no sey vas on se sia,
per qu'anc res pueys no·m conortet».

«Senher, tan sey d'aquest lati,
per que la nuech cossir e velh:
anc pueys, pus de vos me parti,
li miey huelh no preyron sonelh;
mal o fey qui tan vos lonhet,
e res sos faitz non l'embria,
que la nostra companhia
estara mielhs qu'anc non estet».

«Amiga, per bon endesti
crey que·m det Dieus aquest parelh,
joy de cambra en pastori,
que m'es dous, don me meravelh.
Et anc mais tan be no·ns anet!
Vostra merce e la mia
yssit em d'autra baylia;
et amors en mi no·s pecquet».

«Senher, na Eva traspasset
los mandamens que tenia,
e qui de vos me castia
aitan se muza en bavet».

The other day, in the morning,
I was passing through a hilltop
when I saw, under a hawthorn,
caught by an early sunray,
a girl who reminded me
of the one I used to see;
and I swayed from my path
towards her: she greeted me laughing.

All happy, I dismounted
from my nag unto the gravel;
she took me by the hand, and made me
sit on her side in the shadow of a linden
and didn't ask me anything.
I don't know if she recognized me;
she, yes, why would I lie to you?
did kiss my face and my eyes.

I almost fainted out of joy
when her hair touched me.
"Pretty", I said, "how come you are here?
I think god almighty arranged this for me."
"Sir, yes, for he has matched us
so that I don't want, nor would ask for anything else;
and, if you like it, I would like
that for which one censures me most."

"Friend, from what I understand,
I am wrong to ever complain about it!
Since you are so intimate with me,
I will tell you my intimate thought:
love has taken away what it had given me,
her who most pleased me;
now, I don't know where she might be
so that nothing, afterwards, could console me."

"Sir, I can relate to this [kind of] talk
for I ponder and wake at night:
indeed, since I parted from you,
my eyes haven't known sleep;
he did ill who kept you so far,
but his deeds didn't achieve anything
for our company
will be better than it has ever been."

"Friend, through a happy lot
I think god has given me such a thing,
an alcove's pleasure in a meadow,
which pleases me so much that I'm amazed.
We've never had it so good!
Thanks to you and to me
we have come out of other duties:
and love wasn't wrong about me."

"Sir, Lady Eva disobeyed
the orders she had,
and he who censures me about you
wastes his time by blabbering."

Note: This is a sequel to Dezamparatz, ses companho.