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Quan lo rossinhol el follos
Dona d'amor e·n quier e·n pren
E mou son chant jauzent joyos
E remira sa par soven
E·l riu son clar e·l prat son gen,
Pel novel deport que-y renha,
Mi vai grans joys al cor jazer.

D'un'amistat suy enveyos,
Quar no sai joya plus valen,
Que d'aquesta, que bona·m fos
Si·m fazia d'amor prezen,
Que·l cors a gras, delgat e gen
E ses ren que-y descovenha,
E s'amors bon' ab bon saber.

D'aquest' amor suy cossiros
Vellan e pueys sompnhan dormen,
Quar lai ay joy meravelos,
Per qu'ieu la jau joyos jauzen.
Mas sa beutatz no·m val nien,
Quar nulhs amicx no m'essenha
Cum ieu ja n'aya bonsaber.

D'aquest' amor suy tan cochos
Que quant ieu vau ves lieys corren
Vejaire m'es qu'a reversos
M'en torn e que lieys n'an fugen.
E mos cavals i vai tan len
e greu cug mais que y atenha,
S'ilha no·s vol arretener.

Amors, alegres part de vos
Per so quar vau mo mielhs queren,
E fuy-en tant aventuros
Qu'enqueras n'ay mon cor jauzen.
Mas pero per mon Bon Guiren
Que·m vol e m'apell' e·m denha
m'es ops a parcer mon voler.

E qui sai reina deleytos
E Dieu non siec en Bethleem
No sai cum ja mais sia pros
Ni cum ja venh' a guerimen,
Qu'ieu sai e crei, mon escien,
Que selh qui Jhesus ensenha
Segur' escola pot tener.

When, in the woods, the nightingale
gives love, and requires it, and takes it
and modulates its song in joy
and often admires its mate;
when the brooks are clear, and the meadows gentle,
because of the happiness that reigns over them,
a great joy dwells in my heart.

I long for a friendship
since I don't know of a worthier joy
than this, which would suit me
if she gave me a present of love;
her shape is full, delicate and gentle
without anything to mar it:
and her good love has a good taste.

I am concerned about this love
whether I am awake or sleeping
for there I have a marvelous joy
because I joyfully enjoy her joy.
But her beauty comes to no avail,
because no friend teaches me
how to taste of her.

I am so gripped by this love
that when I run towards her
I feel like I am walking backwards
and like she is fleeing from me.
And my horse keeps so slow
a pace, that I think I'll never reach her
unless she wants to wait for me.

Love, I leave you happily
since I pursue something better,
and flee towards such an adventure
that my heart already rejoices in it.
However, because of my Good Warranter,
who wants me, calls me and condescends,
I must split my desire.

He who reigns here in delight
and does not follow god in Bethlehem
I don't see how he could be valiant,
or achieve salvation,
since I believe, as far as I know,
that only he who is taught by Jesus
can be sure of his schooling.

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