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Lanquan li jorn son lonc e may
M'es belhs dous chans d'auzelhs de lonh,
E quan mi suy partitz de lay,
Remembra'm d'un' amor de lonh.
Vau de talan embroncx e clis
Si que chans ni flors d'albespis
No-m valon plus que l'yverns gelatz.

Be tenc lo Senhor per veray
Per que formet sest' amor de lonh,
Mas per un ben que m'en eschay
N'ai dos mals, quar tant suy de lonh.
A! quar no fuy lai pelegris,
Si que mos fustz e mos tapis
Fos pels sieus belhs huelhs remiratz!

Be'm parra joys quan li querray,
Per amor Dieu, l'ostal de lonh,
E, s'a lieys platz, alberguarai
Pres de lieys, si be'm suy de lonh,
Qu'aissi es lo parlamens fis
Quan drutz lonhdas et tan vezis
Qu'ab cortes ginh jauzis solatz.

Iratz e dolens m'en partray,
S'ieu no vey sest' amor de lonh.
No'm sai quora mais la veyrai,
que tan son nostras terras lonh.
Assatz hi a pas e camis,
e per aisso no'n suy devis.
Mas tot sia cum a lieys platz.

Jamai d'amor no'm jauziray
Si no'm jau d'est' amor de lonh,
que mielher ni gensor no'n sai
ves nulha part, ni pres ni lonh.
Tant es sos pretz ricx e sobris
Que lai el reng dels Sarrasis
fos hieu per lieys chaitius clamatz.

Dieus que fetz tot quant ve ni vay
E formet sest'amor de lonh
Mi don poder, que cor be n'ai,
Qu'ieu veya sest'amor de lonh,
Verayamen en luec aizis,
Si que las cambras e'l jardis
Mi resemblo novels palatz.

Ver ditz qui m'apella lechay
e deziros d'amor de lonh,
que nulhs autres joys tan no'm play
Cum jauzimen d'amor de lonh.
Mas so qu'ieu vuelh m'es tant ahis,
Qu'enaissi'm fadet mos pairis
Qu'ieu ames e nos fos amatz.

During May, when the days are long,
I admire the song of the birds from far away
and when I have gone away from there
I remember a love far away.
I go scowling, with my head down
so much that songs and hawthorn flowers
aren't better, to me, than the frozen Winter.

I trust the Lord's fairness
in having formed this faraway love,
but for each consolation I achieve
I get two ills, because I am so far away.
Ah! Why didn't I go there as a pilgrim,
so that my staff and hooded cloak
would be beheld by her beautiful eyes!

It will certainly feel like joy when I ask her,
for the love of god, to be hosted;
and, if she likes it, I shall lodge
near her, although I come from far away.
Conversation is so pleasant
when the faraway lover is so close
that he would long to be welcome with kind intentions.

Sad and pained shall I depart
if I don't see this faraway love.
I don't know when ever I shall see her,
so far away our countries are.
So many are the crossings and the roads
that I can't tell.
But be everything as she likes it.

Never shall I enjoy love
unless I enjoy this faraway love,
since I don't know of a better and worthier one
anywhere, near or far away.
So abundant and sovereign her merits are
that down there, in the Saracen's realm,
I wish I were held in thrall for her sake.

God, who created all that comes and goes
and shaped this faraway love,
give me strength, since I already have the intention,
so that I see this love far away
in reality and in a fitting place
so that rooms and gardens
shall seem to me to be new palaces.

He is true who calls me grasping
and longing for a faraway love
since no other merriment pleases me as much
as enjoying a faraway love.
But that which I want is denied to me
since my godfather made it so
that I love and am not loved.

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