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D'aisso laus Dieu
E saint Andrieu
C'om non es de major albir
Qu'ieu sui, so·m cuig,
E no·n fatz bruig
E volrai vos lo per que dir.

C'assatz es lait,
S'intratz en plait
Don non sabretz a lutz issir!
E non es bo
Digatz razo
Si non la sabetz defenir.

De gignos sens
Sui si manens
Que mout sui greus ad escarnir,
Lo pan del fol
Caudet e mol
Manduc e lais lo mieu frezir.

Tant quant li dur,
Li pliu e·il jur
C'om no·m puosca de lui partir!
E quan li faill
Mus e badaill
E prenda del mieu lo dezir.

Qu'ieu jutg'a drei
Que fols follei
E'l savis si gart al partir!
Qu'a dobl'es fatz
E dessenatz
Qui·s laiss'a fol enfolletir.

D'estoc breto
Ni de basto
No sab om plus ni d'escrimir!
Qu'ieu fier autrui
E·m gart de lui
E no·is sap del mieu colp cobrir.

En l'autrui broill
Chatz cora·m voill
E·i fatz mos dos canetz glatir!
E·l tertz s'ahus
Eis de rahus
Bautz et aficatz per ferir.

Mos alos es
En tal deves
Res mas ieu non s'en pot jauzir,
Aissi l'ai claus
De pens navaus
Que nuills no lo·m pot envazir.

De pluzors sens
Sui ples e prens
De cent colors per mieills chauzir!
Fog porti sai
Et aigua lai,
Ab que sai la flam' escantir.

Cascuns si gart,
C'ab aital art
M'er a viure o a morir!
Qu'ieu sui l'auzels
C'als estornels
Fatz los mieus auzellos noirir.

I thank God
and St. Andrew
that no one has more sense
than me, I think.
I do not fuss:
I would like to tell you why.

For it is rather ugly
if you enter into a discussion
where you don't know how to shed light on [the matter];
and it is not good
if you speak about a subject
if you can't quite define it.

With cleverness
I'm so endowed
that I'm very difficult to baffle.
The bread of the fool,
hot and soft,
I eat, and let my own cool.

As long as that lasts,
I plead and swear
that nobody could part me from him;
but, when it runs out,
let him gape and wonder
and long for mine.

For I judge rightly
that, if the fool acts foolishly,
the wise should watch himself right away;
for it is doubly crazy
and senseless
that he lets himself be turned into a fool by a fool.

Breton rapier
or quarterstaff
or fencing: it doesn't matter,
because I hit the other
and avoid his blows
and he can't protect himself from mine.

In the woods of others
I poach when I want
and I make my two pooches bark
while the third
bold and set to bite.

My stronghold is
so well defended
that no one, except for me, can enjoy it:
I have sealed it so,
with naval pitch,
that nobody can invade it.

Tricks galore
I have and master,
to choose among a hundred colours!
Here, I bear fire
and, there, water
with which I can extinguish the flame.

Everyone be careful
because, with such talent,
I have to live or die.
For I am the bird
who makes the starlings
feed his fledglings.