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L'iverns vai e·l temps s'aizina
E reverdej' il boisso,
E par la flors en l'espina
Don s'esjauzen l'auzello:
Ja deven hom d'amor gai,
Chascus vas sa par s'atrai,
Segon plazenssa corina.

Lo freitz frim e la bruina
Contra la gentil sazo!
Pels plais e per la gaudina
Aug del chan la contensso!
Ieu·m met de trobar en plai,
E dirai d'amor cum vai,
Si·m vuoill e cum revolina.

Amars creis et atahina
Tric' ab coratje gloto
Per una dolssor conina
Que·is compren d'un fuoc fello!
Ja non er nuills s'i dechai
D'averas o per assai!
No·i lais del pel en l'arsina.

Bon' Amors porta meizina
Per garir son compaigno,
Amars lo sieu disciplina
E·l met en perdicio!
Tant cant l'avers dura, sai,
Al fol, semblan d'amor fai,
E quan l'avers faill buzina.

Gent cembel fai que trahina
Ves son agach lo brico,
Del cim tro qu'en la racina,
Entrebescat hoc e no!
Tal amei blanc brun e bai
Ab si farai no farai
Fai al fol magra l'esquina.

Dompna non sap d'amor fina
C'ama girbaut de maiso,
Sa voluntatz la mastina
Cum fai lebrieir' ab gosso!
D'aqui naisso·ill ric savai
Que no fant conduit ni pai!
Si cum Marcabrus declina.

Aquest intr' en la cozina
Coitar lo fuoc el tizo
E beu lo fum de la tina
De si donz na Bonafo!
Ieu sai cum sojorn' e jai
E part lo gran e·l balai,
Son seignor engirbaudina.

Qui bon' Amor a vezina
E viu de sa liurazo,
Honors e Valors l'aclina
E Pretz sens nuill' ochaio!
Tant la fai ab dig verai
Que no·il cal aver esmai
Del trut dullurut n'Aiglina.

Ja non farai mai plevina
Ieu per la troba n'Eblo,
Que sentenssa follatina
Manten encontra razo!
Qu'ieu dis e dic e dirai
Quez amors et amars brai,
E qui blasm'Amor buzina.

Winter departs and the weather follows,
and the bushes grow green
and the flower appears on the hawthorn,
for which the birds rejoice.
Already, Love gives happiness:
each is attracted to his mate
according to one's heart's desire.

The cold and drizzle shiver
at the coming of the gentle season.
Through hedgerows and woods,
I dare attack a song.
I put myself in a position to compose
and tell how Love goes
if I want, and how it cavorts.

Love grows and clings
and cheats with gluttonous desire.
For a gentle pleasure,
it ignites a foul fire.
There won't be anyone who, if he falls,
for real or just to try,
doesn't leave some hair in firestorm.

Good love brings medicine
to cure his companion.
Lovemaking punishes his own
and drives him to perdition.
As long as the money lasts, I know,
it pretends to love the fool
and, when money runs dry, it scrams.

It makes a nice call, which lures
towards its traps, the knave;
and, from the crown to the root,
it mingles Yes and No.
I loved someone white, brown and bay.
Will I or won't I do it with her?
it makes the fool's back thin!

A woman doesn't know about pure love
who loves a cad in her home;
her lust turns her into a mastiff
as a sight hound does with a little mutt.
Thence are born the uncouth rich
who give no treats nor money.
as Marcabru declares.

Such enters the kitchen
to take care of the fire on the embers
and drinks the steam of the bathtub
of his mistress, lady Bonafo.
I know how he lounges and lies
and parts the grain from the chaff and
grants his lord knavish heirs.

To him who has Good Love as a neighbour
and lives of its gifts,
Honor, Valour and Virtue
give homage without objections.
As long as he fares with true words,
he behoves not have fear,
of the bouncy-bouncy of Lady Aiglina.

I will no longer strive
to find Sir Eblon,
for he defends foolish
statements against reason.
For I say, and said and will say
that love and lovemaking wrangle
so that he who blames Love messes up.