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Cascus deu blasmar sa follor
a son amic, si com s'eschai,
e lauzar so qe ben l'estai,
si·l vol portar leial amor;
qar qi·l sap dir del mal azaut blasmor
a·il sap monstrar adreichamen lo be;
greu er q'en ben a far non vir lo fre
e qe no·s loing de greu crim malestan
s'azaut li sap mostrar lo pro e·l dan.

Everyone should blame the folly
of his friend, when it happens,
and praise that which is proper,
if he wishes to love him loyally;
for he who can blame the bad skilfully
can also readily show the good;
it's unlikely that he wouldn't set himself to doing good
and that he wouldn't distance himself from grievous, unseemly misdeed
if one can skilfully show him the profit and loss.