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Eu veing vas vos, Seingner, fauda levada,
c'auzitz ai dir c'avetz nom En Montan,
c'anc de fotre non fui asassonada,
et ai tengut dos anz un capellan,
e sos clergues e tota sa masnada;
et ai gros cul espes e trameian
e maior con que d'autra femna nada.

Et eu vas vos, dompn', ab braga bassada,
ab maior viet de nuill az'en despan,
e fotrai vos de tal arandonada
que los linzols storzerez l'endeman
-- e pos diretz c'ops i es la bugada;
ni mais no·m leu ni mais mei coillon gran
se tan no·us fot que vos zaires pasmada.

Pois tan m'aves de fotre menazada,
saber volria, Seingner, vostre van,
car eu ai gen la mia port'armada
per ben soffrir los colps del coillon gran;
apres comensarai tal repenada
que no·us poiretz tener als crins denan,
anz de darier vos er ops far tornada.

Sapchatz, Midons, que tot aizo m'agrada
-- sol que siam ensems a l'endeman,
mon viet darai en vostra port'armada;
adoncs conoisseretz s'eu sui truan
qu'eu vos farai lanzar per la culada
tals peitz que son de corn vos senblaran
-- et ab tal son fairetz aital balada.

I come to you, Sir, with my skirt lifted,
since I have heard your name is the Mounting Lord,
and I was never sated with fucking:
I kept a chaplain for two years,
and his clerics and all his following;
and I have a large, firm and sprightly butt
and a larger cunt than any woman ever.

And I come towards you, Lady, with my trousers lowered,
with a larger cock than any randy donkey,
and will fuck you with such an outburst
that you'll have to wring your bed-sheets the day after
---and say thereafter that they need to be washed;
Neither I, nor my huge nuts will leave
unless I fuck you until you pass out.

Since you anticipate so much fucking,
I would like to know, Sir, your pride,
since I have armoured my entrance quite well
in order to resist the attack of large testicles;
then I'll start kicking so much
that you won't be able to hold to the front hair
and you'll have to begin again from behind.

Know, my lady, that I agree to all this:
as long as we are together until tomorrow,
I shall ram into your armoured entrance;
then you'll know whether mine is just boasting,
since I'll make you cast through your arse
such farts as will sound like they come from a horn
--and your dance shall suit the music.