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Since you might have noticed that cherry lips and the like that are not quite 'the thing' nowadays (they are actually the last subject you should write about: they show a compromising love for old poetry, clearly indicate that you are a heterosexual bore, and hint at the fact that you are sober enough to tell a pretty woman from a fat slag), you might justly wonder what you are supposed to write about. One rule you should always refer to is:

You Should Not Make (Too Much) Sense
Poetry today, like every other artistic expression is supposed to be incomprehensible. You should still insert some references to facts that are real and reasonable (at least to a mind benumbed by alcohol, psychiatric and/or street drugs and infantine fuck-ups). However, it is more a matter of what to avoid, really. Remember that, in order to know what you are writing about, the Submission Editor would have to read your piece, and read it carefully, and he never does that. Therefore, just avoid some classics, which we list here for you:

In some cases you might want to take up themes that are 'trendy'; this works especially in England. Here is a non-comprehensive list, which, however, embraces the most popular cases.

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