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Arnaut Daniel: Complete Works

Quan chai la fuelha (When the leaf sings)
Anc ieu non l'aic mas elha m'a (I never held it but it holds me)
D'autra guiz e d'autra razo (In another way, on another subject)
Ab gai so cundet e leri (On a nice, gleeful and happy melody)
Douz braitz e critz (Sweet tweets and cries)
Er vei vermeills, vertz, blaus, blancs, gruocs (I see scarlet, green, blue, white, yellow)
Pus Raimons e Truc Malecx (Though Raimon and Truc Malec)
Canso do'ill mot son plan e prim (Songs whose words are sweet and easy)
Lo ferm voler qu'el cor m'intra (The firm will that my heart enters) With original melody
Si'm fos Amors de joi donar tan larga (If love were so bountiful in gifting me with joy)
Ans que sim reston de branchas (Before the tops of the branches are left)
Lancan vei fueill'e flor e frug (When I see leaves and flowers and fruit)
L'aur amara (The bitter air)
Amors e jois e luecs e temps (Love and joy and time and place)
Autet e bas entre'ls prim fuelhs (High and low among the first leaves)
En breu brizara'l temps braus (Soon the bad season will be over)
Sol sui qui sai lo sobrafan qu'em sortz (I only know the grief that comes to me)